• Probably the best available
    overseas surgery!

  • World class obesity
    surgery abroad.

  • We take our time
    to take care of you!

  • Your health our priority.

Medical Avenue is a European Organisation providing easy access to safe, top quality yet affordable treatments.

Medical Avenue offers a wide portfolio of medical treatments ranging from general surgery to cosmetic surgery, from obesity surgery to heart surgery and much more.We are an independent organisation selecting the right treatment for you depending on your needs, preferences and budget. 


By choosing for Medical Avenue you will have easy and fast access to the best medical facilities and services in the world at very competitive rates, without any waiting time!

Contact us now and get your treatment scheduled immediately! With Medical Avenue, everything is simple! The whole Medical Avenue itinerary from information to booking and from surgery to your return home is very easy and transparent.

With extensive experience, Medical Avenue is your trusted partner in safe Medical Travel and Treatment Abroad.

Our patient satisfaction is our only drive. Our goal is to provide the best possible healthcare with our values of honesty, transparency and genuine care!

As NHS partners we can help you schedule your treatment in Belgium within weeks, while 95% of the cost will be covered by the NHS! Contact us for more information!

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How does it work?

  • Information

  • Consult

  • Treatment

  • Aftercare

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Why choose Medical Avenue?

  • Safety

    This is our top priority at all levels.

  • Quality

    The best medical facilities, the latest technologies and procedures, and the highest qualified surgeons in their field.
    We have worked very hard to establish a series of very impressive partnerships!

  • Affordable

    Our prices are very competitive! Save 30% up to 50% compared to your local medical care.

  • Fast & flexible

    With us there are no waiting lists! Book now and schedule your surgery at your best convenience!

  • Simple

    Information requests, booking, travel and forms, have all been made very easy and transparent.

  • Unique aftercare

    Because at Medical Avenue we know the recovery period is crucial for a successful outcome, we have put in place a unique aftercare! Read more.

As a patient you face many challenges selecting the best surgeon and one you can trust, avoid waiting times, find the best price/quality deal, what about my aftercare, etc.

At Medical Avenue we have worked hard to solve all this challenges for you! Once you have contacted us, the only thing you should do is relax. You’re in good hands!

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Why choose Belgium?

Belgian surgeons and hospitals are considered as part of the best in the world. They provide optimal care in the best conditions and have considerable capacity.

With a large number of specialised centres and internationally renowned doctors, Belgium’s health care system is known worldwide as a centre of excellence for health care. It results in exceptionally high standards of healthcare and treatments offered.

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Consider this

Before choosing your healthcare provider, you should consider to check the following points:

  • Surgeon qualified?

  • Quality of hospital?

  • What price for what service?

  • Complete information and advice?

  • Complete and safe aftercare?

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